Vassilis Mathioudakis


I was born in 1972 in the city of Heraclion Crete Greece. I studied Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Crete. I graduated in 1995. During my studies I started “playing” with an Olympus manual camera. I’ve also had my first experiments in the darkroom. Since 1997, I have worked as a freelance professional photographer and photojournalist in several magazines and newspapers in Greece, such as NEA, Passport, Difono, Kathimerini, the music hall of Athens and Athens festival, Vice etc. I currently work as a photojournalist for the newspaper “H efimerida ton syndakton”  EFSYN, a cooperative left newspaper, a surviving experiment in the heart of the Greek Crisis.
I consider myself a social documentary activist photographer and the last three years I am totally focused on the refugees. My dream is to photograph the refugees all over the Mediterranean Sea, especially now that the media are not so interested in them anymore.

Exhibitions in Greece:
Greek crisis
Calypso’s dream

Magnum swaps (PrintSpace)
Migrate (OMEARA)
On Rain Saatchi gallery

PhotoIstanbul 2017