Melissa David

portrait sissa.d

I have started to study photography when I was at university. At this very moment of my life drawing and painting was much more important for me, that’s maybe one of the reason I did not keep it on. However I have always been fascinating by images and I have always seen pictures I could take in my surrounding. After studying information and communication sciences at the university, I have decided to change of direction and to work for fashion industry. After 10 years, I have felt the need to take up again with an artistic activity and photography was an evidence. For two years, this passion has not left me and I had the chance to be involved in different projects :

April 2016 : Exhibition during « la nuit des débats » in Paris for the event « café de jour » about the living together.

September 2016 : top 100 LensCulture Street photography Awards

July 2016 : Exhibition of one picture in several metro stations in Paris

February 2017 : exhibition during one month at the Comptoir des Batignolles

October 2017 : special guest at the festival of street photography in Saint-Raphaël