Lee David de Haas


Lee-David de Haas was born on the 11th April 1978 in a small town of Queensburgh in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal. He is a middle class white person with strong values lending a hand to helping people in need but most of all putting peoples issues before his own. He has one brother that lives and works in Durban for a logistics company and one sister who lives and works  in Johannesburg and runs her own business in the design sector. His mother resides with his sister and works for a French Pharmaceutical company in South Africa and the father is no longer in the picture.

Lee-David de Haas was a person that battled with schooling, never could concentrate and was always getting into trouble but found a way to excel in life through his sports. He played provincial schools cricket, is an incredible artist, spent most of his time on a surfboard and has an incredible eye for detail which helped him pursue a career in industrial design where various products can be seen and bought in the public space. Lee-David de Haas, after leaving school, travelled for 11 years using the UK as a base and gained a vast amount of knowledge through different cultures and experiences.

Lee-David de Haas studied photography through Market Photo Workshop which is a school run by David Goldblatt, one of South Africas finest film photographers gaining knowledge into both film and digital and the amazing world of photography. With a great eye for detail and a strong passion for what he does, his curiosity captures images from urban landscapes to street whilst documenting life around him in both film and digital in a way that leaves one to wonder how does his mind tick. Welcome to the world of Lee-David de Haas!