Kaveh Safarnejad


Let me give you an idea of the roundabout way I started watching the word differently.

Since I was a little boy, I have taken photographs of every moment in my life. Still, I can remember the day my dad first bought me an analog Zenit 122 in 1991, when I was only 10 years old, I knew that I will make a career out of my passion.

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and after years of experience in business … I asked myself what can make me happier than doing what I truly love, photography, for a living.

Five years ago I started to look at my skill and lifetime passion as a career and found my self very successful and happy.

Today I am here .. To explore my creativity and I am tremendously honored to witness and document love, emotions, moments, happiness, families and events for people.

With my industrial and business experience, I would be grateful if you let me help to promote your products, services, and businesses with my photos.

I am thrilled to capture your moments and successes in an honest, sincere and intimate manner.