Isabel Corthier

Isabel Corthier Profil Pic

Isabel Corthier is a Belgian freelance documentary photographer who works internationally for humanitarian organizations.

Her work has been used for fundraising campaigns and communications for NGO’s such as Caritas, Trias, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF – Doctors without Borders), Vredeseilanden (VECO), Louvain Coopération, Ondernemers voor Ondernemers, Solid International and more…

Isabel’s work has been exhibited in China (Lishui, Pingyao), India (Calcutta), France (Barrobjectif), and Belgium, and some of her pictures have won awards. In 2014 she received the EP European Photographer certificate.

Since 2015 Isabel has worked as a proud Fujifilm X-Ambassador for Fujifilm Belgium.

Isabel is also one of the logo hunters for the clothing brand Walldog. ’She is always in search of authentic logos and, in doing so, she records short videos to tell the stories of entrepreneurs worldwide.