Fatimah Hossaini

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Born in 1993, Fatimah Hossiani received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from University of Tehran. Her work portrays Afghanistan from a different lens. Her work tells powerful stories of identity and femininity in Afghanistan. Although color and passion are the main drivers of her success in her artwork, she specializes in Staged photography. In most of her art collection, there are pictures of women and their visual stories of identity and femininity. Due to her passion and admiration of arts, Fatimah Hossiani also does performance arts and visual arts, in which she herself poses as the main subject. Her work has been featured and displayed in group exhibitions and art festivals in Iran, Afghanistan, New York, India, Turkey, South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Italy, and Albania, France. Additionally, Fatimah’s work has been printed and featured in local and transnational publications.

Following are few examples of her work:

  • Photo Trainer at Kapila multimedia house by Prince clause foundation, Kabul, Afghanistan/ 2015
  • Solo Exhibition “ Afghans with new vision “ Idea Gallery, Tehran / 2013
  • Solo Exhibition “ Today-Kabul ” ECO institute, Tehran / 2014
  • Group exhibition, Peace Festival, Paghman , Afghanistan / 2015
  • Delhi Photo Festival with “ Women In Black “ Collection / india 2015
  • Group Exhibition “ Unlimited “ with Showarts art group / Innsbruck, Austria 2016
  • Group Exhibition “ We together “ with 14 women from middle east and Europe, Graz, Austria 2016
  • Duet Photo exhibition with Indonesian photographer, Erdipa Wirengjurit , Arasbaran Gallery, Tehran /2017
  • Group Exhibition “ A Glance into the mirror “ with Bluerhino art group, ABAY Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey/ 2017
  • Group Exhibition with “ Khurasani Reflections “ Collection, Brooklyn, New York/ 2017
  • _ Duet Exhibition with Tahminah Tomyris “ We Are “, Germany /2017
  • Group Exhibition “ Unfinished Lines “ with Bluerhino art group, Tirana National historical Museum, Akbania/ 2017
  • Curator of “ Nekorooyan e’ Farkhar “ A photography exhibition with 16 photographers from all over the world, ECO institute, Tehran/ 2017 I Isfahan Museum of contemporary art / 2018
  • Art manager and artist of Bluerhino art group in Arte Genova 2018, Italy / 2018
  • Group Exhibition “ Hello Afghanistan “ by ASAK, UNESCO, WCOKOREA , Seoul, Korea / 2018
  • Curator of “ KABUL- TEHRAN ‘ Readout of the two capitals ‘ group exhibition with 20 photographers from Afghanistan and Iran, Shalman Gallery, Tehran/ 2018
  • Solo Exhibition “ Burqa and reflections “ Azad Gallery, Kerman / 2018