HELD is a London based International Collective of social & documentary photographers with global coverage of all of all types of visual story telling, in every country that each photographer represents.    Bringing visual storytelling into the real & tactile world with annual zines, annual books, exhibitions and prints in every country represented. Taking it all to the areas in those countries that do not have access to top level media.

Storytelling exists in all styles, formats & mediums but united in presence by the narrative. Every human situation has its own story and thus HELD encourages every form of visual storytelling. documentary, street, reportage, representational, portrait, social,  artistic, photojournalism, graphic, technical, immersive, film, VR/AR/4D & all new media. To all work together to raise awareness of global situations, issues & stories.

Within HELD Collective exists professional, established, working photographers, educators & photographers starting out. Mentoring goes on in house quietly.

Whatever stories are told through HELD, there is a giving back ethos to the countries where they come from and to the people connected the stories.  HELD storytellers will also give back to those countries & people by way of education, prints & books and raising awareness for specific needs of those areas.


Essence of HELD
People and stories held safe

“In hell people feed themselves
In heaven people feed each other”



HELD was created in 2017 in London to return visual story telling from the cyber and social media age, where imagery is here today, forgotten tomorrow and often only concerns itself with the quest for self levity, to the real tactile world.

The HELD name derives from holding people, imagery, storytelling and the crafts connected ‘safe’.





HELD Collective will publish printed Zines of each Collective member. All available individually or as a box set.

HELD Projects guests will have Zines printed of each guest invited.     Only available as individual Zines.

HELD will publish its book of the years stories annually.



Global commissions, publications and exhibitions are considered if in compliance with the HELD ethos.

Global sponsorship and patronage is considered if in compliance with the HELD ethos.

We always open to discussions of Affliation & joint projects are considered if in complience with HELD ethos.

HELD photographers can be individually commissioned or to licience content.