HELD Education


Creating a course that can be easily accesable & downloadable online.  To be used in underprivileged areas, ie. refugee camps, poorer areas where access is limited to media & equipment.

Students can have the chance to have their work exhibited & published with HELD.

HELD Education will launch June 2019.

HELD Education Code of Ethics

HELD EDUCATION provides a set of 5 ethical principles to guide HELD Educators, both professionally and in personal decision making, whilst conducting educational activities.
These principles are to be read in conjunction with HELD Collective by-laws and the declaration signed.
HELD Educator Responsibilities to the HELD Collective
HELD Education promotes ethical practice and appropriate standards of teaching integrity and is committed to work and learning environments where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.
HELD Education recognises an obligation to comply with professional standards as stated in our own policies, procedures and bye-laws. Our fellow members, learners & partners expect only the highest standards from us and that we all act responsibly and professionally at all times.
• These values reflect our social responsibilities especially in the teaching and learning environment. It is therefore imperative that HELD Educators and associated HELD Affiliates conduct themselves honestly and with professional integrity in all educational activities undertaken by HELD Education.
HELD Educator Responsibilities to Students
• When teaching a HELD Education activity, HELD Educators assume all responsibilities mentioned in this document, on behalf of themselves; their learners; and any other HELD Affiliates that maybe be participating in the activity and/or connected to the associated learning environment.
• All HELD Members conducting activities for HELD Education must comply and abide by any local laws and regulations that govern their activities, as failure to do so could be detrimental to the HELD Collective as a whole, and could generate adverse and negative publicity.
HELD Educators recognise the differing circumstances and needs of students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all. We treat all individuals with care and respect.
HELD Educators will ensure that the learning environment is free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation. HELD Education expects equal treatment and tolerance for differing viewpoints regardless of an individual’s race, colour, national and/or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and any other characteristic protected under international law. Harassment or prejudice whether this is sexual, racial, religious or political will not be tolerated in any form.
HELD Education aims to create a teaching and learning environment that promotes trust and mutual respect. Each HELD Educator will therefore create a teaching environment that promotes the intellectual, emotional, physical and sexual safety of all students, and that each educator recognises the value of working in partnership with the wider HELD Community & HELD Affiliates, in providing quality bespoke photographic education for all students.
Contact & Relationships
• A HELD Educator should consider the implications of the giving and more importantly receiving of gifts, and under no circumstances should they engage in physical contact with students unless for a clearly defined purpose such as a medical emergency/first aid.
• Avoid relationships with students which might impair objectivity or decrease an educator’s effectiveness, or be impactful in a negative nature to the HELD Collective as a whole.
HELD Educators must consider the consequences & ramifications of entering into an adult relationship of any kind with a current or past student. This will result in immediate expulsion from the HELD Collective on the grounds of misconduct, as per the HELD Collective by-laws and this Code of Ethics.
HELD Educators will appropriately interact with students and communicate with them in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner with their well-being at the centre of all activities.
Data Protection & Communication
• The privacy of each student will be upheld by each HELD Educator. Student documentation, student communications and other records must be compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation law (GDPR) and that no personal data will be released to any third party, unless under extenuating circumstances, such as a safeguarding concern, or for the students’ well-being.
• Each HELD Educator acts responsibly and with transparency with regard social media posts whilst in the teaching and learning environment. Recognise that in many countries that the Freedom of Information Act and/or local laws may consider implications of sharing sensitive information electronically. Therefore, HELD Educators must take all appropriate and reasonable measures to maintain confidentiality of each student’s information and educational records, whether stored or transferred via electronic devices.
Social Media & Communication in Training
HELD Educators will maintain separate & professional virtual profiles, keeping personal & professional lives distinct.
• Be vigilant in identifying, reporting & addressing inappropriate and illegal materials/images in electronic form or other.
• Respect the privacy of students present on social media unless given consent to view such information or if there is a possibility of evidence of a risk of harm to the student or others.
• Ensure the rights of privacy for all students, HELD Affiliates & third parties are not violated via the use of social media of the use of technologies.
HELD Educators will protect students from any practice that harms or has the potential to harm them in the learning environment, including cyber bullying.
Last Updated 29.07.2018
by Ed Badley.  
Lecturer of Photography.  Southport University.
“My role as full time lecturer in photography has enabled me to share ‘best practice’ to my learner groups and involve real life situations to their practical work by discussing industry trends and work ethics. I teach a very broad range of students and for a variety of examination boards and levels: GCSE, A level, NCFE, City & Guilds Level 2, BTEC Level 3 Photography and BTEC HND Level 4/5 in Photography”