Perhaps Someday

by Daniel Vondav


“Why Mexico, my country, it’s so weird-shaped of half and half, an endless source of tenderness, and a deep well of bestiality?”. Benito Juarez (Mexico ex president)

AQUIN IXNETLA (Perhaps Someday) by Daniel Vondav.
What did we do to not be able to live in peace? What size is the ambition of man that makes him indifferent to his peers. Many years have passed, and in the most recent history of Mexico 84 years have’t been enough.

Constantly in the history of the Mexico, characters have emerged trying to change their own reality. However, as if in each human being the seed of betrayal was sown, we have returned again and again along the same path.

On July 2, 2018 civil society exercised its right to vote, incredibly granting a huge advantage to the leftist candidate. Much is talked about the fatigue towards the other parties, as well as the last hope for a change for the peaceful way.

Although the feelings are different, the expectations and demands of the vote of confidence in society, today more than ever, we want to believe that we can change the country, that it has never been too late, and that the blood and deaths have not been in vain.

With a project that sustains the hope of an entire country, the arduous work of a society full of dreams, the eyes of the world towards this new stage, every day we get up and say in our In Perhaps, Someday.

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