The Creative Imagination

by Najlaa Dadbar

Najlaa Dadbar:6

The term imagination has its root in the Latin verb imaginary meaning “to picture oneself”. It means that imagination belongs to an individual scope, and has a denotation of self-reflection, an examination of one’s own feelings and thoughts1. In other words imagination is a mental power that utilizes individual feelings and thoughts to make world and its phenomena in it. Imagination not only creates imaginary objects in our mind but also is the most important part of our perception of real world.
On the other hand we believe Objects are not alive and are without soul and consciousness. Human beings use them, play with them and live though them. “Rose” as a real object, is a doll in real world who, plays a similar role to an imaginary baby in a fanciful world that even plays real itself. Ronyia is a 8 years old girl who creates Rose within her imagination and in this imaginary relationship Rose creates part of her identity and shape her personality as a girl who is a supporter and a mother.
Rose as one of the symbols of human’s imagination is creative and certainly like other imagination can suddenly be broken or fertilized over time. Imaginations that are created by us
1.References: Chaoyun Liang; Chi-Cheng Chang; “THE EXPLORATION OF INDICATORS OF IMAGINATION”.

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