by Lee Atwell


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allen Poe

This series was captured in the streets of Seattle. I am intrigued by how in our culture we often find ourselves behind boundaries of glass – in buildings, in our homes, in personal vehicles, in public transit vehicles, in airplanes. Through the glass we look out, look in, look through, see reflections, and can also view things that are quite mysterious, and can appear to be an illusion.
Many believe that life itself is just an illusion, and I wonder what is real, anyway, if not just our individual perceptions? In this series I hope to capture many of the elements of windows we find around us – how they can isolate us, separate us from others, open to meet others and also create illusions.

“And we: onlookers, always, everywhere, always looking into, never out of, everything.” RM Rilke

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