Children have a natural confidence in themselves. It is amazing that in the face of insurmountable disadvantages and repeated failures do not give up. Persistence, optimism, self-motivation and friendly enthusiasm are innate qualities

Being able to see the smile of a child is the best gift of love, magic and light of this world. Because when a child has fun and feels good it illuminates the rest of humanity by winking at hope

Because every gram of happiness is a ton of fortune for the world. And there is nothing that fills us with more hope than to see a happy child and smile.

Then we remember that the benefits of laughter and play are endless, that a single laugh oxygenates our life, that helps us to breathe, to dialogue with ourselves, to be sincere about life.

“A child can always teach three things to an adult: to be happy without motives, to be always busy in something and to know how to demand with all his strength what he wants”.
-Paulo Coelho

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