by Alejandro Lopez Pineda


In México we have an expression: “circo, maroma y teatro” (circus, maroma and theatre), we use it to state that someone did everything he could to get what he wanted.

There is a reason why we can’t easily translate “maroma” to english, it is an art form in itself not well documented, it changes from place to place, but, its basically a mix of ancient European circus, verses, music, improvisation and sometimes even pyrotechnia.

It is closer to the cantar than to the modern circus and has evolved almost nothing in a century, for all we know, it could have existed long before that and some say it has pre-hispanic roots.

Where were you, maromero? is my quest to find this fading art expression and its interpreters in a time when entertainment comes from digital media and is well below the basic needs of the people who were lucky enough to grow up witnessing these beautiful, heart touching shows.


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