Long time ago Salvador Dalí made a short visit to Mexico and said: “There is no way I’m going back to Mexico. I can’t stand to be in a country that is more surrealist than my paintings”

In these words I found the inspiration to document the daily life of my country, a country with an estimate of 119 million people, 69 indigenous languages and a race against progress and crisis.

Old Man

I’m Daniel a.k.a vondav from Mexico City, today I’m sharing my series ‘Los Habitantes’ (The Habitants) as reflect of a journey through the daily life, tension, and transformation I witnessed across my country as a result of traveling to many cities the last ten years.

Let’s dive into a beautiful and multicultural place, a mix of heaven and hell.

“Más allá de nosotros,
en las fronteras del ser y el estar,
una vida más vida nos reclama”

Octavio Paz.


© vondav


On average in Mexico, a woman or girl is raped at least every four minutes, and one is murdered every eight hours. The overwhelming majority of these deaths are the result of domestic violence. Source : OAG’s Specialized Unit for violent crimes against women, UNICEF Mexico, Amnesty International.


© vondav
City of Hope


HEAVEN: Interestingly, Mexico City boasts the most museums in the world, making it a cultural hub.

It also has more than 30 concert halls and 100 art galleries


© vondav
Deeply Worrying


LIMBO: Corruption is Mexico’s original sin. Functionaries have long seen their positions as opportunities to make money. The legal rules governing political institutions have always been defined in ambiguous and discretionary ways. This gives politicians and prosecutors the power to unmercifully punish perfectly legitimate and adequate actions when they find it convenient. On December, Mexico’s ruling party (PRI) pushed a bill through the lower house of congress which would authorize the military to act as police against Mexico’s drug cartels, but without the need to explain anything to anyone.


Corazon del Tiempo


FORTITUDE: After centuries of poor conditions, about 15.7 million Mexicans are indigenous, or 14.9% of the population. 28% live in homes without running water.  65.9% cook with wood and charcoal. 27.3% of 15-year-olds can neither read nor write. And after Mexican drug cartels are forcing children and teens from Indigenous communities to join them, torturing or killing them if they refuse, they are still not afraid to fight government and stand for a better country.


© vondav
Every Kid is a New Hope



Todo nos amenaza:
el tiempo, que en vivientes fragmentos divide
al que fui
del que seré,
como el machete a la culebra;
la conciencia, la transparencia traspasada,
la mirada ciega de mirarse mirar;
las palabras, guantes grises, polvo mental sobre la yerba,
el agua, la piel;
nuestros nombres, que entre tú y yo se levantan,
murallas de vacío que ninguna trompeta derrumba.

Ni el sueño y su pueblo de imágenes rotas,
ni el delirio y su espuma profética,
ni el amor con sus dientes y uñas nos bastan.
Más allá de nosotros,
en las fronteras del ser y el estar,
una vida más vida nos reclama.

“Màs allá del amor”

Octavio Paz.






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